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This is the time for a special connection to work on the concerns in life. Life throws a lot at you, and we work on strategies and goals.
Grief Group

Psychology and Counseling Department of

Pillar College

Every second Friday evening we have a Free Virtual Grief Group on Zoom at 6:30 pm.  Come on in the room and get your healing. 

Depression is an illness, and the support you will receive in session will help you to rediscover yourself and find a way to live a better life. You are worth it.
Grief Counseling

Grief is a journey and to live and adjust to loss is an ongoing process. It's ok to grieve and it will come and go like waves. Grief can also be a gift so let us explore together. 


The longest relationship you will have is with yourself.  Self-awareness is very important.


What is your stressor?

How can we explore the trauma in life?


How did your parents raise and nurture you?

Think about your parenting style.

What would your children say about you as an adult?

What's the generational parenting style in your family?

Spiritual / Christian Counseling

Do you look to God for preventive care?

How can you include joy and strength in these struggling times?

How can you have peace that passes our natural understanding?


How's your family connection and communication?

How much fun do you have in your family?

Do you like your family?

Let's talk and explore the dynamics and genogram while learning the family history. 


What is Anxiety? A mental disorder characterized by feelings of worry and fear, enough to interfere with one's daily activities. 

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